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Unexpected Colour


On the walk to town…

At first, it seems as if the world has gone all monochromatic on you… And then, the subtle splashes of colour appear…





Hens in the snow

Hens in the snow

The chickens are definitely under-impressed with all the snow over the past couple of days. As am I, to be honest. The worst part of this deluge has been the strange nature of the precipitation – a mix of rain, snow, ice pellet, and sleet. It’s just warm enough that there’s a good foot of slush in places and plenty of running (gushing) water everywhere. It’s just cold enough that the snow is sticking and making it horrible to walk/carry hay/function outside.

It is now pouring as I write this… if the temperatures creep up over night, much of this mess will have washed away by morning. If the temperatures go the other way… oh, my – I don’t even want to think about the mess my hill will be by the time morning rounds roll around… Yuck!

Poor M. C. from Germany thought he’d come to Vancouver Island because it’s relatively warm and snow free. Hah!! Instead he wound up having to build bridges out of logs and pallets so we could safely navigate the deep mud slushy in the hog pen. So much for my ‘start seeds’ and ‘prepare garden beds’ plan…

Large Black Hogs in the Snow

Inside their hog hut, Pearl and Olivia build fluffy nests out of hay and then burrow in and snuggle up together. They seem to be dealing with the nasty weather remarkably well, all things considered.


Apparently, it is quite possible to have a week so busy that there isn’t even enough mental energy left over to post even a teeny tiny blog post. Three completely different presentations in three different municipalities on two days didn’t … Continue reading

Photo Friday -2





Photo Friday

20140207-081425.jpgThings are taking a (way too) long time to get done around here, what with everything being frozen solid… So I thought I’d post a few photos on the fly today as I’m not so likely to find myself inside with a long stretch at the computer.
This first one is of the frozen pond down by the sheep field…

Identity Crisis! Advice Needed… And a New Poll! And ENCHANTMENT!

All day long I’ve been dithering… there is stuff going on at the farm (there is always stuff going on at the farm) and this is technically a farm blog so I’m sure I could come up with a suitably farm-y topic. But I’ve also been having a lot of fun playing with some of those photos I took up in Kelowna (which is definitely not on the farm).

Here’s one:


And, here’s another that could, without too much of a stretch, also be included in today’s Daily Prompt Challenge: ENCHANTMENT


But neither was taken here… and really, they are as much about fooling around with some basic photo editing techniques I don’t generally bother with as they are about any particular topic…

So, my question is this: Does it matter? Does a blog with the name “Dark Creek Farm” always have to be about the farm? Should I start a different blog for stuff like this? (I see lots of people who seem to maintain multiple blogs… to me, this seems like some kind of insanity, but if people get annoyed because they come here expecting to see frozen water buckets, I don’t want to be too irritating…) Should I force my creative powers to somehow relate creepy red skies and frosty winter scenes from my travels to relate back to my life here at the homestead? (I was, technically, digesting a home-grown turkey while I was out on that photo walk…) What is the protocol? Or are we inventing protocol as we go along?

Given this is the first day of a brand spanking new year, I’m a bit loathe to merrily set off on the wrong foot, but given that these photos took up my designated blogging creative time, I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got! Maybe this is the perfect spot to insert a quickie poll.

Wintery Walk in Kelowna

Until we arrived, there hadn’t been a whole lot of snow in Kelowna. One afternoon, though, there was a sudden flurry, which sent me scurrying outside with a camera.

Lantern in SnowWith the heavy cloud cover and swirling snowflakes, both sound and light were muted and even without converting to black and white, the world did appear in soft shades of muted grey.

Tree BarkExcept, of course, these trees… I think they are Douglas Fir┬áPonderosa Pine trees, but maybe Kelowna locals (or tree buffs) can help me out [thank you Karen, for your comment. I knew┬ásomeone would set me straight)! Brilliant red blistering hot against the cool backdrop – they were spectacular.

BarkClose-up, the bark seemed ancient and very alive surrounded by all that wintery dormancy.

It was such a pleasure to take a good camera (thanks, Dad!) and wander around with no purpose other than to take a few photos. Though my iphone is great and does an amazing job of capturing the many moments of the everyday, it’s a whole other experience to be outside looking, looking, looking. Everything seems suddenly fascinating in a way I rarely take time to notice.

Icy WaterNote to self: More photo walks next year, please. That was fun!