Ridley Bonze turkeys - just like the old-fashioned turkeys your grandmother used to cook

Ridley Bonze turkeys – just like the old-fashioned turkeys your grandmother used to cook

Our turkeys are raised outside on pasture on a diet supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables and a top quality organic feed.

Whole turkeys are available fresh right before Thanksgiving and Christmas and, occasionally, frozen at other times of the year. Price for whole turkeys (the only way we sell them) is 6.50/lb.

Birds tend to either be on the smaller size (8-12 lbs) or larger size (13-17 lbs) with occasional individuals reaching more than 20lbs.

Please note that because we only produce small numbers of birds each year it is best to order well in advance of the holiday season. We are sold out of Thanksgiving birds for 2013. Update December 21, 2013 – we are sold out of Christmas birds for 2013. Thank you everyone for your amazing support this season!

9 responses to “Turkey

  1. Beautiful turkeys! I wish I still lived in Victoria, I’d be there for sure. 🙂


  2. Being a retired welder/metal worker I built a large cook pan that fits nicely into my bbq/smoker pit. I cook my home grown bronze turkey over a low heat using mesquite for my smoking wood.
    Happy New Year


    • Oh, that does sound good… I don’t have a cast iron pan large enough, unfortunately. Or a smoker, for that matter. Obviously I have another project or two to add to the list! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Attack of the killer turkeys! LOL


  4. So lovely. Do you sell hatching eggs?


    • We are hoping to start shipping eggs this year – I have to look into this for another customer (in Edmonton). Thanks for asking – just the prod I needed! I’ll let you know as soon as I know what the cost, etc. will be – would you mind popping over to the ‘contact us’ page and sending me a message there? That way all your info will be in the same place as my other farm mail and I’m less likely to lose track of you! That said, if you haven’t heard back by this time next week, another poke might be required…


  5. Deanna Lambert

    Do you sell hatching eggs?


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