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Mushroom Monday


Look at the size of these mushrooms!


Desperate(ly) Busy Times, Photographic Measures


Thanks to those who have touched bases and inquired as to my well-being… Recent radio silence a direct result of extreme levels of activity around here!!

In lieu of regular written posts (as per my ambitious grand plan), how about regular photos? If you can’t tell what’s going on, you’ll have to make something up and I will endeavour to clarify during the next big winter storm (at which point I may be able to sit down long enough to compose a proper post!!)

This image is of Dani and Dad working on the back end of the new mobile farm stand…. At night… Using a projected image. Full darkness falls at ten pm-ish and they were still out there, beavering away….


Spring! (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Spring! (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Blossoms and blue skies… signs that spring is really here.


T is for Teeny, Tiny Tractor

It may be modest in size, but our little lawn tractor has been chugging around the farmlet for years. Here, ME is hauling a load of soiled hay from the goat pen down to the new potato beds.

T, is also for Truck… Yesterday, I was speaking at a school in Shawnigan Lake and one of the teachers mentioned she had been reading the blog. Not having read any more about the piglet watch, she assumed the piglets had arrived and I was once again sleeping in the house. Alas, no. As in, no piglets. Yes, to still sleeping in the truck and getting up to check on Olivia every couple of hours. T, needless to say, is also for Tired.


R is for Riding Ringo

R is for Riding Ringo

Look past the fuzzy winter coat and you’ll find a cute pony in there! C. from Austria is an exchange student staying with our neighbours for a semester. She’s been helping get the horses back in shape after a long, wet winter off… It’s great to see that grass growing and the sun coming out a little more often!