Over the years, my blog has changed as my life has morphed from being a full-time writer and bookseller, to running a small organic farm on Vancouver Island, to travelling all over the place, falling in love with a climber and moving to the mountains, and returning to full-time writing. These days I spend my days writing, climbing, sailing and exploring the world through various means of creative expression and an ever-deepening yoga practice. I love teaching and am always eager to share my various passions with anyone who is interested in expanding their creative horizons. Who knows where this journey is going to take me next?


You’ll find information on this website (and on the blog) about forthcoming retreats and workshops, new creative projects (TV, theatre, books, and visual art), and yoga. Climbing, travel, sailing, and photography also all make regular appearances as subjects here.

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I’ve given up trying to divide up my psyche so I can stuff myself into appropriate little boxes. My world is a tad messy. But I like it that way and hope you’ll enjoy the time you spend visiting!

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