Z is for Catching Some Z’s

When I started this A to Z challenge I had no idea so many of the posts would wind up with a swinish theme…
It only seems fitting I conclude with a photo of one of the new arrivals having a snooze. I am also looking forward to catching up on my sleep, enjoying my very own bed where I can stretch out in luxurious comfort…


6 responses to “Z is for Catching Some Z’s

  1. Great photo! And congratulations on going from A to Z as well as tending to Olivia’s persnickety-ness, sleeping in the truck for so many nights and all the other things that you’ve had going on. Impressive for sure.


  2. So ugly it’s cute? A face only the mother could love? Sleep well!


  3. You made it to the Z’s. Good picture.


  4. Love the ending picture, perfect. It was a tough month for doing a guaranteed 26 posts, wasn’t it? At least you had lots of fodder for writing about. Sleep well, nothing like your own bed.


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