Pork and Pork Products

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Our pigs are pasture raised with unlimited turnout, and social time with other animals. In addition to grazing, they are fed hay, a quality non-GMO (corn and soy-free) feed, and locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables. We do not use any hormones, anti-biotics, or other extra additives while raising our pigs. We pride ourselves on raising happy pigs and you can rest assured that your pork was as ethically-grown and well cared for as possible. Our meat is professionally slaughtered and butchered here on Vancouver Island ensuring all health and safety standards are met while lowering your meat-related carbon footprint.

Pork prices (per pound) are listed below. Please note that because we produce small amounts of pork each year we likely will not have all cuts in stock at all time. Contact us to see what’s available.

To place an order, please email nikki [at] darkcreekfarm [dot] com or contact us through the form at the bottom of this list. We will discuss your order, options, and delivery. A 30% non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of ordering.

Freezer orders (custom cut and wrapped to suit your needs). Please note that the following weights are ‘hanging weights’ and some weight loss will occur during the trimming process. 

  • Whole pig (approximately 165–195 lbs): $6.50/lb
  • Half pig (approximately 82–97 lbs): $7.00/lb
  • Quarter pig (approximately 40–48 lbs): $7.50/lb
Individual pork cuts:
  • Side pork (bacon): $10.00/lb
  • Spare ribs: $8.00/lb
  • Leg roast (uncured ham, bone in): $8.50/lb
  • Leg roast (boneless): $9.00/lb
  • Hocks: $5.50/lb
  • Shoulder roast: $8.50/lb
  • Shoulder chops: $8.50/lb
  • Loin roast (bone in): $10.00/lb
  • Loin roast (boneless): $11.00/lb
  • Loin chops: $9.50/lb
  • Back ribs: $9.00/lb
  • Ground pork: $7.00/lb
  • Back fat and leaf lard (great for cooking and crafting!): $2.00/lb
  • Organs/head: $2.00/lb
  • Specialty sausages: $8.50 – 9.50/lb
    Sausage varieties include: maple breakfast, English banger, organic apple cinnamon, apricot, sage, chorizo, spicy Italian, mild Italian 
Cured and Smoked Pork:
  • Ham (bone-in): $10.00/lb
  • Ham (boneless): $13.00/lb
  • Hocks: $5.50/lb
  • Jowls: $9.00/lb
  • Bacon: $10.00/lb

Variety Packs (includes various traditional cuts):

  • 10 lb variety pack: $8.00/lb
  • 20 lb variety pack: $7.50
Interested in breeding Large Black Hogs? Please contact us to check what registered breeding stock we have available for sale. 

2 responses to “Pork and Pork Products

  1. I can’t sat I really can ‘like’ your blog as I don’t eat meat. I don’t mind people eating meat, it’s just not for me. I applaud you, however, for your choices in how your raise your pigs. The cruel mistreatment of the animals is one reason I don’t eat meat.


    • Thanks for your comment – I totally agree with you that many of our animal raising practices are unacceptable. For those who choose to eat meat (or eggs, or dairy) it’s really important to try to find a source where you know the animals are treated well. Often that means paying a higher price, but in the end, it’s the animals that ultimately benefit.


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