Large Black Hogs


Cora's 2013 was all boys! Last year, she had all girls... a very wello organized sow!

Cora’s 2013 litter was all boys! Last year, she had all girls… a very well organized sow!


Cora -2012 Breakfast on the farm! Cora out and about with her piglets (and some Bantam chickens!)

Large Black Hogs at Dark Creek Farm

Please contact nikki @ darkcreekfarm (dot) com for details of available purebred stock.

Grange sow and piglet

Cora and one of her piglets – born Aug. 21, 2012

Beth and Phillip hanging out together on a cool day in February.

Lots of photos of Large Black Hogs.

Basic information from Wikipedia.

Large Black Hog Association webpage.