For Sale

Muscovy drake at Dark Creek Farm

Oreo strutting his stuff in the snow.

May 2015

Please contact Fickle Fig Farm (info [at] theficklefig [dot] ca or Meadowbrook Farm (info [at] meadowbrookfarmvictoria [dot] com) – or have a look at the Island Farm Fresh website for other fine local farms…

November/December 2013

Taking orders now for:

For more information about our turkeys, click here.

2014 Ridley Bronze turkey poults

2014 pork

The farm stand (Alderley Grange) will reopen in May, 2014. Thanks for all your support this year!

Please contact nikki @ dark creek farm dot com if you’d like more information about our box programs. We will get the info up onto the website just as soon as we have a few spare minutes!!

6 responses to “For Sale

  1. Hi do you have eggs hatched yet? Thank you.


  2. Is Oreo soon to be on the chopping block?


  3. Hi,
    Are your products available in Vancouver?



    • Hi Evan –
      Thanks for your question. The answer depends on what you are looking for. The fresh produce is sold only locally, but we have occasionally made arrangements for turkey, duck, lamb, etc. to be taken to Vancouver by someone who is going that way anyway. We can ship things like fertilized turkey eggs, soap or art cards. We do not have a regular retail outlet on the mainland.


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