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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Perhaps the strangest thing about the fog situation is that the lack of light actually seems to make certain things glow from within – like these wet leaves, soaked not by rain but by hanging out in a grounded cloud for too long. Some of them still seem so alive and somehow radiant. The colours would have been brilliant under a warm fall sun, but even in this soft light, there is an intensity that catches the breath and makes me stop between the hog pen and the duck house just to look.

What is fog, but wet!

Spider Web October 2013

All this fog has been rather eerily beautiful, in its own muted way, but each dripping morning reminds me that being inside a fog bank is wet! The newly painted chicken house looks like some avant garde creation with streaky, dribbly paint where smooth colour should be. And this poor spider’s web was obviously not meant to bear the weight of all that water!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Horizon)


There is a horizon there somewhere… quite a challenge to take a horizon photo under conditions like these! There should also be a bright morning sun somewhere… 


I Will Stop…

…with the fog pictures just as soon as the fog rolls back from whence it came… Apparently, John Cleese was spotted on a BC Ferry Thursday evening – perhaps a victim of our airport closures? Sheer speculation on my part, but why else would he take the slow boat instead if flying out of here?



This autumnal loveliness…

… Is hurting my eyes! Not really- everything is too soft and muted for that. But holy moley, every day brings some new ‘must stop a moment’ vista I can’t resist. My phone is feeling heavy with the weight of all that fog I’m stashing away inside. This photo was taken down at my neighbour’s pond where I lease a bit of land for sheep. They also have ewes, so we keep our sheep together and share the responsibilities of caring for them. I have the morning rounds which means I get to enjoy this sort of view every day while I’m digesting my oatmeal.