This autumnal loveliness…

… Is hurting my eyes! Not really- everything is too soft and muted for that. But holy moley, every day brings some new ‘must stop a moment’ vista I can’t resist. My phone is feeling heavy with the weight of all that fog I’m stashing away inside. This photo was taken down at my neighbour’s pond where I lease a bit of land for sheep. They also have ewes, so we keep our sheep together and share the responsibilities of caring for them. I have the morning rounds which means I get to enjoy this sort of view every day while I’m digesting my oatmeal.


2 responses to “This autumnal loveliness…

  1. It’s probably the one bright side of all this fog – the amazing photo moments that are everywhere. And I must say, you are catching some lovely ones! I’m personally ready however for the fog to go back to being a morning mist, burning off with the rising sun, thank you very much.


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