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Look What the Cat Dragged In!

Perhaps the only thing cuter than a new lamb is a baby bunny – this one deposited at KN’s feet while we were down at the barn this morning. Bunny (dubbed Catnip by KN) was a tad shocked by the unexpected turn of events, but unharmed. It is recovering overnight in private quarters and will be released tomorrow.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Mimi at the Window

Mimi at the Window

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Warning! Do Not Sit Down!

At least, don’t sit down anywhere that Iago (friendliest barn cat on the planet) can find you. She will mug you, jump on your back, smother you with kisses, turn on her rumble purr, and do everything in her considerable feline power to stop you from getting back to the job at hand…

Barn Cat Love Attack

“Heh, heh, heh – this human thinks she is going to unhitch the horse trailer… Wrong!”


“First, I will give her a massage with bonus acupuncture treatment…”

Barn cat at work...

“Then, I will clean out her ears… hold still, human!”

Barn Cat

“Oh it’s so easy to make these humans laugh… Now. Let’s see if she’ll follow me up to the barn and give me a snack.”

Rosa – early morning march

It’s amazing how Rosa (one of the rescued cats from Mexico) doesn’t stroll or saunter along the top rail of the fence. She marches, steps out like she has a whole empty highway beneath her. Next time I feel hesitant, worried about safety nets, or unsure about taking the next step, I’m going to think about Rosa who has adapted so well to her new life here and strides forward like she owns the… fence.