J is for Jenny and Josh

"Prove It, Josh!" by Jenny Watson

“Prove It, Josh” by Jenny Watson

Somehow when it came to choosing a profession (or two) I picked a couple that really don’t make a ton of money – writing fiction and farming. As a result, I’ve always done other stuff on the side to help support my writing/farming habits…

One of my contracts is working as a publicist for Sono Nis Press and one of my tasks in that capacity is creating short videos that feature SNP authors and their new books. I really enjoy these projects (I have fantasies about film-making, something I’d like to do on a larger scale at some point…) and today posted the most recent over on the Sono Nis Press channel on YouTube. I love Jenny’s description of the process (agonizing!!) of writing a novel. For anyone who thinks writing a book for kids is easy, have a look.

(and for more information about Sono Nis, visit the Sono Nis Press website.)

5 responses to “J is for Jenny and Josh

  1. Such a great video Nikki!


  2. Telling our stories, making art, playing music well, tending a farm, takes a lot of work. When doing it well is important, the time and energy are large.

    Nice work on the video. Do you do all of it? Record, edit, fades, etc? What do you use.

    You and your dad are a creative pair.


    • I use an Olympus DSLR for the recording and then edit on my PC laptop using Cyberlink PowerDirector. My old iMac can no longer keep up with my demands, so I’ve had to retire it. I’m looking into my best options for upgrades on the computer/editing front am hoping to take some classes this year to improve my skills. I’ve figured out some things on my own, but now I’m at the point where I know just how much I don’t know.


      • You will probably have a lot of fun taking a class. I look forward to seeing some more results.

        I like this… ‘I know just how much I don’t know’. Sort of a variation on the ‘known…unknowns’ stuff of Donald Rumsfeld?


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