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J is for Jenny and Josh

"Prove It, Josh!" by Jenny Watson

“Prove It, Josh” by Jenny Watson

Somehow when it came to choosing a profession (or two) I picked a couple that really don’t make a ton of money – writing fiction and farming. As a result, I’ve always done other stuff on the side to help support my writing/farming habits…

One of my contracts is working as a publicist for Sono Nis Press and one of my tasks in that capacity is creating short videos that feature SNP authors and their new books. I really enjoy these projects (I have fantasies about film-making, something I’d like to do on a larger scale at some point…) and today posted the most recent over on the Sono Nis Press channel on YouTube. I love Jenny’s description of the process (agonizing!!) of writing a novel. For anyone who thinks writing a book for kids is easy, have a look.

(and for more information about Sono Nis, visit the Sono Nis Press website.)