I is for Irresistible Implements

I’ve had a very, very long day and do not have the strength for a proper post. But there is something terribly compelling about these post-a-day challenges, so here’s a teaser…


Not long ago I FINALLY (after several years of looking) found several very cool horse-drawn farm implements for sale at an irresistible price. This spike harrow was the first one we asked Brio to drag around… [Much] more on this topic to come, but for now, let it be known we are on a rather steep learning curve as we try to get horse/harness and implements sorted out!

3 responses to “I is for Irresistible Implements

  1. An older sister wanted her pony to pull my red wagon. One day, while I explored a fence row across a field, I heard an awful rucus. She was running down the road chasing her pony. Behind it was my wagon in tow, bounding and tumbling. It made the pony run even faster.

    The learning curve was rather steep.


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