What the Heck is THAT?

What the Heck is THAT?

No wonder I spent the morning rounds squinting… I actually couldn’t see a thing on the screen when I pointed the phone at this fierce, glaring orb that was clearly trying to get my attention! It was impossible to make eye contact because a) after a nano-second of looking at that blazing thing my retinas would have been scorched and b) I was distracted by the high winds roaring in my ears and some excessive nose dripping due to the extreme cold… I think I am glad to see the sun, though – despite the plunge in temps it has brought to my corner of the world.

8 responses to “What the Heck is THAT?

  1. Obviously aliens landing on your farm. Don’t get abducted!


    • LOL! If someone had been secretly filming me this morning with one arm up, protecting myself from the radioactive beams of the mysterious disc, staggering around being buffeted by crazy gusts of wind, coughing and sniffling due to the chilly air – it all added up to an End of Days scenario… Sheesh. Here in the PNW it really is a BIG DEAL when the sun comes out in February!


  2. Has it been a long time since you saw it?


  3. it’s a sundog. and apropos of nothing, you also have a sun and dog in the photo, too ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Cold here too, dude…. Glad I have a warm Lap to snuggle up on! (* purrs*)!


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