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Some Days are Just Sad, Weird Days

And this, alas, is one of those. It was time to say goodbye to my old broodmare, Bonny. The vet came out and it was all over in a few minutes. The fact the end was peaceful for the old girl did nothing to make it easier for her human companions. Nope, our animals simply do not live long enough.


What made everything extra bizarre was right as I was waiting for the vet to arrive I received an email from my brother saying he and his family were stuck aboard their plane on the tarmac at LAX. The airport was in lockdown mode and he wanted to let us know they were all fine.

Family members evacuating from LAX on foot... Everyone is fine, though they had to spend a while aboard their plane on the tarmac.

Family members evacuating from LAX on foot… Everyone is fine, though they had to spend a while aboard their plane on the tarmac.

The two events together really underscored the fact that the line between being here – and not – is a fine one, indeed. And, anything can happen – just like that your life can be turned upside-down. I am sure feeling appreciative of my lovely family today (thanks for being there during a trying time today, guys), and relieved that those who are travelling are ok. What a strange mix of emotions… I think I need to go and hug a dog or kiss a chicken, or something.

Testing Brio

There’s nothing like the rumble, roar, thump, clunk and bang of a backhoe working in the next ring over to test the mental state of a young horse just getting started under saddle. Thank goodness Conbrio is much quieter than her mother or her rider might well have been launched into orbit today! As it was, she was curious and alert, watchful and a tad distracted but not really worried. That laid back attitude is what makes her such a great pony and what will also make her excellent as a driving pony. Now, all we have to do is find a few extra hours in the day to get back to our carriage restoration project!