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Seen at the Pumpkin Patch

I love how this young man is providing plenty of moral support and full body encouragement but is letting the young woman carry the pumpkin!


Ok, Pumpkins it is!

There seems to be a definite pumpkin theme going in these days! Yesterday when I stopped by Michell’s Farm Market to pick up a bag of feed carrots it was pumpkin madness! All kinds of kids and families and old people and cute couples were out scouring the field in search of the perfect pumpkin! Even though they were just manhandling squash into wheelbarrows, there was a definite festive air about the place! I wish I could see all the cool carvings that that happened after everyone got their orange babies home…


(Note the complete lack of a shred of fog anywhere!)

Pumpkins for Piggies!

We are so lucky to live in the neighbourhood that we do. These pumpkins (and lots of other excess veggies) were gifts for the hogs from the neighbours across the street. The hogs, without exception, LOVE them! And, apparently, the seeds are a natural dewormer. Given that we are always looking for non-toxic ways to do things around here, these presents are win-win-wonderful!