Pumpkins for Piggies!

We are so lucky to live in the neighbourhood that we do. These pumpkins (and lots of other excess veggies) were gifts for the hogs from the neighbours across the street. The hogs, without exception, LOVE them! And, apparently, the seeds are a natural dewormer. Given that we are always looking for non-toxic ways to do things around here, these presents are win-win-wonderful!


2 responses to “Pumpkins for Piggies!

  1. That is really awesome food for your pigs. I love to see them piggin’ out on real food rather than on pellet feed. Great tip on the deworming attributes of pumpkin seed.
    We recently visited a homestead in New Hampshire (D Acres Farm) where they feed them a wonderful variety of vegetables they get donated by local market and restaurants. The pigs are moved around the farm to till and turn the dirt any time they start a new planting area.


    • Thanks! The pigs just love the variety – and, like any of us, definitely have their food preferences. I used to think hogs were indiscriminate eaters, but when I put out a range of foods, each hog will pick out their favourites to eat first. I have one sow that LOVES carrots and will actually eat those before her grain ration! My boar is the opposite – even when there are really tasty goodies in the mix (apples, pears, pumpkins) he will ignore all that and wait for me to deliver the high octane grain. He devours that first and only then eats whatever else is on the menu. And, the weirdest thing of all was a sow I once had who wouldn’t touch an apple! They are, indeed, wonderful rototillers. We have used them before to turn over new ground when we expanded our market garden. They are the most efficient, happy workers to be found! Double digging? I think not – save your back and borrow a hog!


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