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German-engineered Cookies

Can you spot the German-made cookie?

Can you spot the German-made cookie?

Last night I popped a batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip drop cookies into the oven right as I was racing out the door to do the dusk rounds. I asked the Germans if they might be able to pull the cookies out when they were done. Without hesitation the Germans said they could manage, though they couldn’t guarantee there would be any left by the time I returned.

When I eventually got back to the house an hour or so later, not only had the first batch been removed from the oven and cooled, the rest of the batter had been turned into cookies as well. When I looked at the second batch, though, they looked totally different! No blobby, random-shaped, ‘arty’ cookies were these. Instead, each must have contained an identical amount of dough which had been shaped into the most perfectly round cookies ever to have come out of my oven!

The boys explained that the random blobs created by the scoop and drop method just didn’t look right and they couldn’t imagine how they would shape themselves into cookies. The German-engineered solution resulted in lovely, uniform cookies. Not that any of them lasted very long. Lumpy or lovely, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies disappear pretty fast around here.

Oh, the Food!

Oh, how I love the way this season is all about the food!


We kicked things off with a bang with our Holiday Cookie Exchange party on December 1st and it has been plain good eating ever since.

A couple of weeks ago I tested out a new super fast, super hot oven turkey recipe (with butter and maple syrup slathered between the breast skin and the breast) – it was so super fast it was ready before I had the veggies done, but was delish nonetheless.

For our family Christmas dinner I cooked up one of little turkey hens (about 8 lbs) the way my neighbour C. suggested – 350 degrees for a couple of hours with a bottle of beer added to the pan. I stuffed garlic butter under the skin, tented with oiled parchment and then foil, and uncovered for the last half hour. Oh. So. Juicy. Very, very good – Thanks, C.!

It will come as no surprise that two fave presents this year involved food… A frozen fruit dessert/sorbet maker that requires nothing but the addition of frozen fruit (though, you can add a bit of yogurt, if desired). What a great way to dessertify the bags of berries and apricots and plums we still have in the freezer! Also an excellent way to use up very ripe bananas, just pop the bananas (pre-peeled) into the freezer and then, when frozen, run them through along with whatever other fruity deliciousness you have on hand. Yum!

The other most excellent handy gadget (and, yes, I know I shouldn’t be quite so addicted to handy gadgets) was a gift I received – a Magic Bullet. Though the various blades can be used for all kinds of chopping and blending, my plan is to use it mostly for smoothies [though, the ‘grown-up’ beverages they describe in the accompanying booklet along with instructions for how to host a refreshingly fun party are intriguing…]. I have experimented with various other blender type devices but this seems to be particularly well thought out in terms of being able to make small quantities in the same container you are going to drink out of. So far I’ve only indulged in fruity versions, but I have plans for adding kale, carrots, and various protein options so my smoothies stick with me for a little longer than they tend to given my high energy outputs on an average day.

Right at the moment, I’m jotting these notes while making turkey stock for soup tomorrow.

Too soon this season where food is front and center and nobody feels bad about food being front and center will move on into the New Year where so many people feel they need to to return to a relationship with food that centers on self-deprivation.

My food-related resolution will be this: more smoothies. And, to steal the theme word that will be getting a lot of airplay over in Catbird Quilt-land, EXPERIMENT. [Catbird Quilt Blog] Coconut oil. Sunflower seeds. Carrots. Parsnips. Maple syrup. Chocolate. Yes, chocoloate! I wonder what cool combinations I might be able to come up with in the smoothie department? I might have to re-listen to the An Organic Conversation podcast segment that was all about smoothies…

Which reminds me how much I enjoy their podcast. Are any of you podcast listeners? What are your favourites? I’ve loved the book and cookie recipe suggestions – how about some ideas for great podcasts I should be listening to while I muck out the horse paddocks and wash the hen eggs?

Day 23 – Craft Fair Season!

For the past couple of weeks the upstairs kitchen has been the place to hang out and drool (if you are a human, that is. If you are a dog, downstairs is the place to be because that’s where all the tasty pork dog treats are being made…) Jams and jellies were first to be processed and then, oh heavenly delights, it was cookie time!

These pinwheel cookies are delicious and kind of cool - but fiddly! Given how many we were trying to make, we used a  handy dandy jam cookie making device for the next number of batches.

These pinwheel cookies are delicious and kind of cool – but fiddly! Given how many we were trying to make, we used a handy dandy jam cookie making device for the next number of batches.

Filled with Dark Creek jams and jellies, these are oh so very good!

Filled with Dark Creek jams and jellies, these are oh so very good!

It has been tough to only eat the broken ones (oops! slipped! can’t take that cracked old thing to the craft fair!), but we have to be strong so we have lots to take to the North Douglas Christmas Craft Fair tomorrow.

In addition to the festive cookies and yummy dog snacks (at least, I assume they taste pretty good as I caught Tuulen up on his hind legs STEALING the pork treats from the counter – he looked very sheepish and said, ‘it was cracked! You can’t take something like that to the craft fair!’) we are also taking a variety of jams and jellies (including the cranberry jelly gift packs that were so popular in our Thanksgiving Goody Boxes), fresh eggs (the new pullets are getting into gear!), carved wooden plant row markers, hand-pulled wood block prints, art cards, original watercolour and miniature paintings by E. Colin Williams, children’s books by yours truly, carved wood signs, herbal salves, and aprons. We’ll also have the coolest little terrarium with a wooden base that defies explanation at this late hour (will post a photo tomorrow – it is packed away in a box, ready to go). For anyone interested in signing up for our CSA or ordering a turkey, we’ll have information and forms.

Getting all of that together has been a bit of a trial in the middle of everything else going on! As I write this just before midnight, I’m hoping all goes smoothly and that we’ll get a chance to chat with some of our regular farm stand customers and meet lots of new people as well.

If you are in the area, here are the details:

North Doug Craft Fair Info – hope to see you there!

4th Annual North Doug Craft Fair

Where : North Doug Church, 675 Jolly Place
When: November 23rd, 9am-4pm

Door prizes and other surprises!
Concession with soup, sandwiches, and dessert
All of the table proceeds go towards the youth

For more information, check out the Facebook event page

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