Cane Garden Bay (Day 4)

Well, we are certainly having our challenges on our mini boating getaway! We’ve been worried about our batteries not charging and this morning kept a close eye on gauges while we were practicing mooring ball pickups at Peter Island. The ball handling went very well with Fabio and I taking turns at the helm and on the foredeck. Alas, the engines were not putting anything back into the batteries so it was back to Manuel Reef to plug back in and get sorted out.

Not wanting to waste the day, we rented a car and drove up and over Tortola (the roads are steep!!!!) to Cane Garden Bay where we had a picnic, swam and watched various seabirds (pelicans among them) diving for the small fish that were swimming about in the shallows with their human counterparts.

Then back to Road Town for a few more supplies before our planned early departure for The Baths tomorrow.

We will get there!

(And, more photos to come when my internet connection is a bit better)

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