Peter Island – eventually

A bit of a scare this morning when we tried to leave Norman Island and our port side engine died… tried troubleshooting by phone and wound up limping back to Tortola with one engine… Turns out the fix was simple – someone (yeah, quite likely me when I was checking the oil) knocked a valve on the fuel line so it was more closed than open.

[I’ve tried several times to upload an image or two – no luck. In the interest of not skipping a day, I’ll post this without and add them later].

No serious damage done and we were off again, eventually winding up on a mooring ball very close to a small reef in Great Harbour.

Temporarily bamboozled by an odd style of mooring ball, we entertained the neighbours by attempting several tries to snare a ball and get ourselves secured. Once we did we had just enough time to get into the water and do some snorkeling.

Then, back to the boat for a barbecued fish, a bit of lettuce and some instant mashed potatoes, which sounds pretty basic but was quite delicious.

With any luck tomorrow will be a bit smoother (not just in terms of engine trouble but also wind – it’s been pretty breezy at 20+ knots which has made for some noisy nights…

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