Don’t Stop Now! (1 of ?)

Ok, last month was tough! I wrote a LOT! I’m not talking about sheer number of words on the blog (though I did manage to write a post a day for the AtoZ Blogging challenge), but I also wrote a big chunk of my book on medically assisted dying plus some journal entries, some promo materials, and a draft of a book review. I wrote every day, rain or shine, whether I was travelling or at home, feeling great or feeling crummy.

Which made me think, there is NO REASON whatsoever to not keep this up. So, here we go. May 2, 2018 marks DAY 1 of as long a streak as I can manage… This would have gone up yesterday but we had a challenging trip from Chicago to Tortola and no wi-fi access, so here we are a day late right off the bat! Also, having trouble uploading photos so I may need to add that later…

At the very least I will post a photo and caption each day (except today, apparently) since I always have my phone and compulsively snap photos every day anyway… Because I’m also always reading and writing, I’ll include a note at the end of each post letting you know what I’m working on… Dad and I have also talked about including bits and bobs inspired by his art and our chats, so I am thinking I won’t run out of things to blog about any time soon. Here we go!!



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