Z is for Zombies (AtoZChallenge2018)


Be careful who you hang out with …

You known how it works… you get nibbled on by a zombie and, some time later (I think that part depends on the zombie variety) you develop symptoms. Itchy spots, heat, swelling, palpitations followed rapidly by open wounds, limbs falling off, brains spilling out of your ears… Actually, I don’t really know (which will be clear as blood to the legit zombophiles out there…)


Despite the fact I don’t know much about how it works, I recently took part in a day of zombie shooting with Theatre Canmore… not as in loading up my weapon and taking aim at the living dead but becoming one with my inner zombie and being shot… by a camera.


The initial intent was to create a zombie-themed #getconsent series of public service announcements, but the client decided zombies were too scary and we won’t use the footage for that after all. Stay tuned for a Canmore Town Halloween Special at some point… The talented Candice McMullin has reworked the scripts, which now involve mountain climbers instead of zombies… the hair and makeup should be much simpler! I’m hoping I’ll be able to take part in that shoot, too (kind of a dream combination of activities… climbing and acting).


As for Canmore Town – the launch of the pilot and the web series will take place later this month. If you haven’t already (and if you are cool, you should) please sign up to the CanmoreTown YouTube channel. That way you won’t ever miss an episode and, when the time comes, you can watch the zombies in action!


The worst part of the zombie experience was not eating a bunch of brains (frozen Jello) or making awful retching noises or dodging hostile Canmorons who were fighting back… the worst part was trying to bush my hair later (ow!). That was bad, but even worse was peeling off that wound. It looked so cool (hats off to the talented creative crew behind the makeup!), but oh my, it was really stuck on there well and I hadn’t realized that was going to be part of the makeup/costuming so I didn’t prepare by shaving all the fine little hairs off my forearm or prepping my skin with some sort of lotion that might have made removal a bit easier. As it was, when I ripped that sucker off it took along all my arm hairs and brought tears to my bloodshot eyes!


Theatrecanmore.com is where you’ll find all the latest info about Canmore Town… I don’t think zombies will be regulars on the show, though they have been around in film for a long time, apparently. White Zombie dates back to 1932 and was directed by Victor Halperin – I feel like I should track it down and watch it to see where all this began What’s your favourite zombie movie? As a zombie newbie, what are your must-see recommendations?

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