Crane Pose


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m never going to be (more accurately, never was) one of those twenty-something yoginis who can do full standing splits on top of the Eiffel Tower (or a handstand on a rock in the middle of the ocean… honestly, have you seen some of those yoga poses on Instagram???) But, I wanted to have some fun with yoga poses and photography and so, with a little help from Picmonkey (which, btw, is a very fun way to spend an evening playing around with your mediocre images and seeing what can be made of them…) I took a series of photos in my very boring living room. Here’s Crane Pose if I were able to clone myself and time everything perfectly (sort of like a partner yoga solo selfie)… Maybe I should keep experimenting with the photo editing and just insert myself into some awe-inspiring locations…

3 responses to “Crane Pose

  1. Exactly! Put yourself on a rock…in the ocean lol

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  2. This is one I have never ever mastered… my arms are too weak and it hurts where my knees press into them… I am basically rubbish in all poses that heavily rely on arms…. or belly muscles… or back muscles… oh dear, that is most of my body already… 😉 Ok, I can rely on my legs though. 🙂


    • I can’t balance on one foot for anything! One-legged mountain pose, even the easiest variation where I just bend one leg (no crazy straightening out to the side or anything like that), is just one big wobbly mess. I try to stay calm and just come back into the pose, but man – it’s so frustrating! And stuff like Warrior III? Forget it. Instant face plant. Or, pulling stuff off shelves as I crash past, reaching for something to grab onto!


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