Day 12 – architecture and monochrome (Photo 101)


Snapped this yesterday when walking up the stairs to rooftop parking at a local shopping mall. A very ordinary photo was made more dramatic by converting to black and white and upping the contrast a bit. 

3 responses to “Day 12 – architecture and monochrome (Photo 101)

  1. I noticed Day 5, Day ?, and now Day 12. Curious counting sequence.


    • Um… Yes, about that… I have these good thoughts about going back and filling in and catching up… Remains to be seen whether these impulses will remain thoughts or convert into action!


      • I don’t really care if you skip around. Creative counting works for me. I was more concerned by something else. Some of your recent posts never showed up for me in my Reader. I looked at your archives by month and found them. Kind of a surprise. Reader should not do that to me. ❗


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