Jim in Iowa is Entirely to Blame…

… for this post. Jim answered yesterday’s question about photo editing software with an innocent enough, “we like picmonkey.com.

DCF BATS 02Some time later I had pressed an awful lot of buttons and played with way too many filters and experimented with banners and textures and overlays and who knows what else… Even the freebie version is lots of fun and the premium version isn’t that expensive, so if I find myself spending lots more time over there, I’ll subscribe…

So, you can thank Jim at JAR blog for today’s batty post, though it did start out legitimately enough as the view from my new desk location (I managed to reorganize myself enough to get the desk out of the bedroom). This version of the photo is obviously tweaked beyond recognition, but funnily enough, picmonkey doesn’t offer a herd of flying turkeys in their standard overlays.

I confess I’m quite looking forward to tweaking a few family photos with the zombie options…

5 responses to “Jim in Iowa is Entirely to Blame…

  1. Looks like fun! I might get hooked on it too!


  2. Good morning! It’s always good to have someone to blame. We find that we miss having our son around sometimes, for that very reason! 😉

    FUN! I haven’t dug into picmonkey enough, obviously. Will have to go waste/spend some time there, myself. I’ve only done very basic editing.

    AND congrats on getting your desk moved. Once you mentioned it, I hoped you would go that way.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. I happily accept full responsibility. It’s good to find a tool that does a job and isn’t in your face with ads etc like a swarm of gnats, or bats.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂


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