A schlepping we will go…


Very chilly and stressful start to the day! Phone call from a neighbour saying, “your horses are out!”… Horses now caught and back home… Water solidly frozen. Wind howling. These poultry waterers Filled up at the house and ready to be transported back to where they belong… I’m thinking a vacations would be a lovely thing to do in the winter…

6 responses to “A schlepping we will go…

  1. Hauling water when it’s that cold sucks. Stay warm and don’t hurt yourself 🙂


  2. Nobody ever gets loose on warm, calm days with nothing else going on in them, have you noticed?
    I’m now hauling water too – no hills, thankfully, and further inland than you, so largely missing out on that minor gale coming in off the straits – it was howling right down Beacon this am when I was in at Tanners.


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