Almost Done the New Chicken House!

Because we don’t have a lot of land, I rent various nearby fields so my creatures can graze and forage. This means I rely on having portable pens and shelters to keep everyone safe at night no matter where they happen to be camping.

This new chicken coop is pretty fancy! Built on a chassis we bought on sale, it can be moved by one person on level ground or hauled around by my riding mower when the terrain is a bit trickier or the distance longer. Recently, we’ve had some problems with egg eating hens, so the nesting boxes in this coop have sloped floors that lead to a covered collection trough. Dad has been busy, busy, busy working on this creation which should be ready for new residents very soon!




6 responses to “Almost Done the New Chicken House!

  1. That looks great! I wish had the skill to build something like that. It’s far superior to ours. šŸ™‚
    I like the idea of the sloped floors to stop eat-eating.
    Very nice!


    • Thanks, Bill! This is by far the most complicated one we’ve built so far! I’ll post some photos of earlier versions as it’s interesting how things have changed as we have kept tinkering with the designs. It seems no matter how one plans or tries to think things through ahead of time, there is always something that can be improved.


  2. aha! I found it! Very nice. Your Dad does tiddly work, I must say. Definitely looking forward to seeing it in use.


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