Say No to GMO Labeling

Josh Shonwald’s piece is an excellent discussion of the less obvious issues around GMO labelling. Here’s a link to the original article:


In Josh Shonwald’s piece, “Why I’ll Boycott Whole Foods in 2018 & How The Food Movement Can Win My Support on GMO Labeling,” he does a fantastic job explaining what his beliefs are and what he is arguing against. Shonwald explains the problem with having a generic GMO label on all foods genetically modified and then he proceeds to describe solutions for the issue. In this piece, the use of logos and ethos have me believing and agreeing with what Shonwald is saying. It would upset me as well if Whole Foods decided to participate in the GMO labeling because I personally like to shop there a lot and do not want to see a generic GMO label but instead a more detailed label so I know what kind of genetic engineering is going on to the certain products I buy. Overall I thought this was a well-written and thought…

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