Perils of Farmers Blogging

As the turkey poults get their real feathers and begin to mature, we move them from their heated brooding house to grassy paddocks. Each run also has a shelter so they can find shade during the hottest part of the day and they can be locked in at night to protect them from hungry predators. Feed, water, and grit are available at all times and it doesn’t take long for them to figure out that life in the great outdoors is lots of fun. I never get tired of seeing them do their happy turkey hop, skip, and jump, often when they spot a human visitor!

All of which, I realize, has nothing to do with the perils of farmers blogging! The point was, I think, that it’s so busy here on the farm at the moment that I am rarely inside or sitting still long enough to write a post, upload photos, or update the website! If I had time, I’d let you know we have several varieties of tasty sausages from our Large Black Hogs, lots of eggs, and a variety of fresh produce available through the farm stand (aka The Alderley Grange). Come find us on Facebook for details of opening hours, etc. Or, if you are of a patient and forgiving nature, check back here. Eventually, there will be another post!

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