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Hogs and Horses

DCF Horses and Hogs

I’ve been backing up photos through google+ (an option now available if you happen to use Picasa) and it struck me how many of the farm photos show groups of animals hanging out and getting along. Ducks and chickens, turkeys and Bantams, ducks and sheep, turkeys and hogs… The cat, Iago, and anybody who will stand still long enough for her to snuggle.

I’ve had horses for many years and one of the things I heard people say with an air of total authority was that horses and pigs do not get along.

DCF Ringo and PhilipI beg to differ! Ringo in particular is happy to befriend creatures of all stripes – he loves the cat, follows chickens around, and chats through the fence with the hogs (this is our old boar, Philip). When a particularly adventurous group of piglets got out, where did they head? Straight for Ringo! They tugged on his tail and chased each other through and around his feet and he just stood there, head down, curious and gentle.

The oddest bond he has ever formed was with a wild rabbit. The rabbit regularly sought him out and would sprawl in a sunny spot in the horse paddock. Ringo would amble over and proceed to give the rabbit a massage, which the rabbit appeared to thoroughly enjoy. How on earth this peculiar relationship ever began is beyond me. Why would a wild rabbit sit still long enough to allow a HUGE animal like a horse to walk over and give it a back rub that first time? Mysterious, but kind of cool.

Unfortunately, hawk, owl, or eagle likely got the rabbit because after several months of the rabbit hanging out with Ringo it suddenly disappeared.

Perhaps in the course of the Great Photo Sort Project I’ll come across a photo of the bunny and post it…


One of these things is not like the others…

One of these things is not like the others...

There are a couple of opportunistic drakes who have decided it’s worth being chased by piglets if it means they might score a stray grain or two from the hogs’ breakfast…

Greedy babies!

Cora took full advantage of the mild weather this afternoon to lounge around outside and nurse her little ones under the trees. They are five weeks old and a pretty boisterous bunch! Poor Cora has another three weeks of this to put up with before we wean them!

Ah, That’s the Spot!

All the hogs love the various trees, stumps, logs, and boulders they have available for scratching. After all, their human friends can’t be there to scratch their every itch. Not that I would have wanted to scratch this little guy’s particular itchy spot!

Why lie down…

Cora has figured out she can keep eating if she lets the piglets nurse while she is standing up. It looks quite comical, as if they are propping her up!