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Cow Dwarfed by Chickens!

DCF Aggie with Black Orpington Hen

Aggie the flat cow was impressed with the size of the Black Orpington hens…

Aggie had a rough first day on the farm. I slipped her into my purse and promptly forgot both purse and Aggie in the cab of the truck. There she stayed all alone in the cold and dark until I retrieved her this morning in time for the early morning feed rounds.

She perked up pretty quickly, helping to sort through veggies destined for hogs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks…

DCF Aggie and Veggies

Her favourite part of the day was testing the hay. She had a good snack and approved the bale…

DCF Aggie Testing HayAggie had a couple of scary moments – when one of the dogs stole her… when a pig stood on her and when the turkeys knocked her over and pinned her down in their mad fight for pumpkin innards… I am trying to convince her that posting photos of her less glorious moments is ok, that people are interested in some of the minor disasters that happen on the farm, but so far, she has refused to give me permission to post those photos.

Stay tuned… Maybe by tomorrow she will lighten up and change her mind.

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