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I Know it’s not Duckling Season


… but I came across these photos while I was preparing for my school presentation about kids and farming and since at least one reader (hi Photoleaper!) thinks ducklings are cute I thought I’d post them.

Toby Duckling

My nephew bonding with one of this year’s babies.


Last year's crop of Muscovy ducklings.

Last year’s crop of Muscovy ducklings.

They are certainly cuter than the photos of the exploded pickled beets jar I was going to post… I tell you, it’s a thrill a minute around here!


Oh my but these little dudes are cute!! Nine were hatched under two nest-sharing ducks and the tenth I brought inside and finished in the incubator with the turkey eggs after the egg was kicked out of the nest about halfway through the incubation period. After it hatched I gave him back to his moms and everyone seems to be getting along just fine.