Handstands! (21/365)

A super quick post this evening after a very long and busy day, the highlight of which was following Dani off to circus school!



An odd juxtaposition of trapeze artist and parking lot… 

Island Circus Space is one of two new outfits offering circus skills classes in the Victoria area (the second is Victoria Centre for Circus Arts). Today I only had time for a quick introduction to handstands (Dani is obsessed with learning to do a really good one…), but next time, I’ll take a class that involves hanging from the ceiling wrapped in silks, or draped over a trapeze bar, or coiled around a swinging hoop… or something. I’m sure there are official circus terms for some of the intriguing bits of equipment I saw in use today…

Snapseed 91.jpg

As a kid, Dani was never the right way up… she was always doing cartwheels, handstands, handsprings, etc… The more things change, the more they stay upside down! I snapped this on the beach on Pender Island on the weekend. 

I don’t have any photos of my handstand attempts – Dani was too busy being a conscientious spotter and, obviously, my hands were busy.

Art selection of the day:


acrobats-in-paris-1924 Gosta Adrian-Nilsson 1924

Acrobats in Paris by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson (1924)

I have an early start tomorrow (heading back to Alberta) and still haven’t packed, so keeping this post short and sweet!




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