The Raven and the Bear

Flash Foxy

Guest Author: Nikki Tate-Stratton

Nobody can accuse me of having a brilliant or early start to a stellar climbing career. I vaguely recall one afternoon of rock climbing when I was ten years old and a bit of gym climbing when I was in my early 30s. After that, there was a very busy gap that lasted more than twenty years. I raised a child, published a bunch of books, did some traveling, and started a small organic farm. There was no time for climbing. But after I handed the reins of my farm over to some much younger farmers at the beginning of 2015, I found myself at the local climbing gym, tentatively trying a few easy boulder problems. Not long after that, I took a top-rope class and joined a weekly women’s climbing group and was delighted to find that the core members were, like me, all comfortably over 50.

nikki first climb banff 6 Me at the age of 10. More…

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