Midsummer Night Sky


One of the glorious things about this time of year is how long the days are… By ten pm I am still scurrying around, putting the last of the chickens to bed. One of the worst things about this time of year is that at ten pm, I am still scurrying around putting the last of the chickens to bed…

6 responses to “Midsummer Night Sky

  1. I hear you…I find myself waiting impatiently for it to be dusk enough to shut the birds in, so I can go to bed. Of course, they are ready to get going in the morning a lot earlier than me…so I guess it’s a trade off. Beautiful picture of dusk by the way.


  2. Late to bed…Early to rise. 🙂

    We saw that when in Scotland years ago. It hardly got dark.


  3. Wonderful photo, so moody. Our Ameraucanas like to tuck themselves up quite early; they are usually all in and roosting by 6.30 or 7pm at the latest. Sounds like that’s unusual?


    • My bantams are like that – in bed early every night. The last to go to bed are the little brown layers – they are out until the very last minute every night. The ducks never put themselves to bed – I have to herd them in each evening. Fortunately, they are herdable – unlike the chickens.


  4. I love the late lingering light too, the slow fade to darkness. Especially after last winter. Let’s love summer while we can 🙂


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