Spot the Difference: Farmstand Edition

Each week we should give a prize to the first person who correctly identifies the changes we’ve made to the amazing portable farm stand! We didn’t quite get it 100% done before the first week of the Peninsula Country Market, so each week we are squeezing in a bit of work time to tick another item off the To-Do list…


4 responses to “Spot the Difference: Farmstand Edition

  1. That’s very clever. I have no idea what’s different. But, I like it.


    • When I get a minute I’ll post a series of images so you can see where we started… And, by ‘we’ I mean mostly my daughter, soon-to-be-SIL, and Dad – I have mostly stayed out of the way and admired their efforts!


  2. I think the roof is different…


    • Very observant! Yes, the roof is partially done now – the other half should be finished by the next market… The signs are also different… (and will change again before too long).


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