C is for Cute! Piglets!!

I meant to tack this onto the end of yesterday’s post – B is for Baby Pigs, but they fit just fine here, too… These two boys were farrowed March 17… There were originally eight little oinkers, but it turns out Pearl has matricidal tendencies and, unfortunately, went into labour the day before the new farrowing pen was ready.

Olivia is getting close to her due date and will get to take advantage of the new facilities. We all hope this results in a more successful outcome… Perhaps by the letter ‘F’ (Fun Fruitful Farrowing Fiesta) I will have a more detailed report about how the farrowing pen works out (and, a bit of video with more than two piglets in it).

6 responses to “C is for Cute! Piglets!!

  1. Maybe you could just use the piglets for the whole alphabet – adorable, baby, cute, delightful…Pearl’s piglets…unholy pigs, wretched pigs…because you know they’ll run the gamut throughout this season.


  2. Baby pigs are solid little squealers. Cute, too. 🙂


  3. They will grow ever so quickly as there are only two!


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