Sometimes, You Add an Impossible Task to the To-Do List

When we rebuilt the house, we had to empty it of all our stuff and ourselves. We stashed ourselves in Kelowna, in a guest suite at a neibour’s place, and in a downtown condo… We stashed our stuff in a couple of neighbours’ barns and in a big steel storage box, a shipping container a truck and crane dropped off on the front lawn.

We still have some stuff to sort through in the shipping container, the ultimate destination and purpose for which has yet to be decided. Suggestions have included renting a helicopter to pick it up and lower it into a narrow slot between some cedar trees and an existing outbuilding. In this plan, the container would be converted into a workshop. Another thought was to have the truck and crane return and haul it down to the farm area where it could become the central core of a new barn. This second plan is practical but lacks the excitement of the helicopter lift… We are also undecided as to where, exactly, it would go down in the farm area.

Meanwhile, it has been squatting like an ungainly beast straddling the remaining front lawn and the area that is supposed to be levelled, landscaped, and used for lovely, convenient parking. As we seem unable to decide exactly what to do with it for the long term, we thought we should at least get at the landscaping project, which meant the shipping container needed to be moved.

I have been mightily impressed with the skills and enthusiasm of my volunteer helpers and thought I’d see what might happen if I put “Move shipping container” on the daily To-Do list. It didn’t need to move too far – 20 feet back and a dozen feet over and only a little bit uphill… Those German guys are strong and determined and I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask…

Turns out that if you add a couple of Germans to a conversation with a handy future son-in-law, borrow a winch, maneuver the truck into a strategic position up on the road, run cables and chains and straps through the hedge, use levers and pulleys, a couple of jacks, and wedge some round logs and fence posts underneath… it is possible for three guys to move a shipping container before they’ve even had a chance to grab a sandwich for lunch!!Jpeg





Compare the relative location of the container and the bricks with the previous picture to see how far they moved that sucker back! Then they had to pry it sideways before jacking it up and levelling it in its new temporary but at least out of the way position.





I am afraid I cannot let these gentlemen go home. Not ever. I wish I had more daughters to marry off… I’ve even taken to baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies hoping they might want to stay just a little longer…

All in a day's work for my MC and SP. Thanks, guys!!

All in a day’s work for my MC and SP. Thanks, guys!!




6 responses to “Sometimes, You Add an Impossible Task to the To-Do List

  1. Only one impossible task? Wasn’t it supposed to be six of them before breakfast? Kidding…I am VERY impressed. I think cookies will work. Beer might help…not with the cookies, though.


    • Actually, I don’t think they’d mind beer and cookies… I’m sure going to miss these guys. Even when the task is somewhat unreasonable (“Wipe the mucous from that newborn piglet’s nostrils!” “Hold the bleeding turkey so we can stitch her up!!” “Wash a gazillion eggs!!” “Hoist that shipping container!!”) they never stop smiling!! Who knows what they are muttering to each other in German, but they sure put on a good front!


  2. Your blog is the only one I read and get out of breath. Your guys are to be praised for their hard work.

    I noted the usual and stylish foot wear.


    • No doubt about it – the guys are awesome!!

      The stylish footwear is essential gear around here… Though the shipping container project was on high, dry ground, the amount of sticky mud we are still contending with elsewhere is impressive…


  3. I need a couple of handsome German guys around here, too! I don’t even have stuff for them to do, but … we’ll think of something! 😉


    • It’s funny, when I was considering signing up as a host I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to do keep someone busy! What was I thinking? I bet if you had a couple of handsome Germans around you would discover all kinds of ways they might be useful…


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