Save the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) Rally – Victoria, BC

ALR Rally 01

The sun came out and shone on a large crowd gathered on the lawns of the legislative buildings today at the Food for the Future Rally. Many thanks are due to the organizers, the sterling lineup of speakers, and even more importantly, the families and individuals who showed up to make it known that there are plenty of citizens who do not support the government’s move to dismantle the ALR. We are fortunate here in BC to have landmark legislation in place to protect farmland from development. Here’s hoping the powers that be take note and respect the wishes of those who are determined to protect what little farmland we have left.

ALR Rally 06

ALR Rally 07

ALR Rally 05 ALR Rally 04

ALR 02Though the day was warm, there was still some sparkly evidence of the recent cold snap.

alr rally o3One question… who ARE those guys up on the balcony that show up at every protest and take photos of the crowd with their long camera lenses?

ALR Rally 08Who are you working for, gentlemen? And what are you doing with the images?




7 responses to “Save the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) Rally – Victoria, BC

  1. Great photos. Wasn’t it amazing how the sunny period was so perfectly timed as to align with the rally? It just poured minutes after it was over. I loved Janet Roger’s poem, and my very politically minded husband gleefully chanted “no frackin’ way” all the way home in the car later. It’ll be interesting to hear if this topic is referenced in any way today in the legislature.


  2. I am totally with you. We are so stupid in the way we manage our land and water resources and we WILL regret it. Because once we lose it, it’s gone and isn’t coming back. Stupid stupid stupid.


  3. Good for everyone. I hope you are successful.


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