Using Pallets To Build A Dream…

This blog post describes a pretty cool list of pallet projects!! I need a new mailbox down at the farm entrance…

Old World Garden Farms

In a way, it’s comical that a simple, common, disposable item such as a pallet could be responsible for creating so much at our little farm. To most, pallets are nothing more than a few pieces of rough-sawn wood, assembled together to provide a stable base for safely shipping items around the world. For us, however, they were the inexpensive building blocks – and paved the way for us to realize the dream of creating our farm.

When we first started out – we made a promise to one another that no matter what – we would build the farm on a zero-debt premise.  We wanted to simplify our life, not complicate it – and it just didn’t make sense to do that by going in debt to build chicken coops, barns and more. We are both very proud that we have held completely true to that promise – and…

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2 responses to “Using Pallets To Build A Dream…

  1. I like that reblog. It made me think of some possibilities. Thanks.


  2. Wish I had more pallets around here.


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