Tireless – the Movie

Those rotten dogs… cute and all, but a tad rambunctious!

Don’t worry. Nobody was seriously injured…

[With thanks to Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com for the music… great website, if you ever need some royalty free music for a project…]

7 responses to “Tireless – the Movie

  1. Just love this!!! Great music too. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Such goofy dogs! Occasionally Tuulen will run into the side of a building… Worst ever incident was when he tore his ear open running through a bramble patch during a rainstorm after dark. He got back to the house, shook, and for months after I was washing blood spatters off the walls…


  2. Wow. Those are some active dogs! Hope they stay safe!


  3. They get their exercise, don’t they? Give my praise to Kevin MacLeod. It was like being at a silent movie, except for the ‘ooooph’ by the farmer near the end. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. No farmers were “unduly” injured…lol. One of those moments when you can see the whippet in them – all that speed, and they weren’t even really trying.


    • You are right about the speed potential – I have been trying for ages to capture them travelling at top speed but so far, no luck. Part of the problem is whenever I stop to watch them they charge over to see what I’m doing. This video was all taken after they’d been racing around the field for a bit while I was busy feeding and watering, so by this point they were actually a bit bagged. At the dog park, they run circles around everyone else, especially Pippi who is the fastest dog I have ever seen.


  5. Cute. Are those Irish Wolfhounds aka counter surfers?


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