Dog Carries off Cow – and other Aggie Disasters…

DCF Aggie and dogOf the two whippet X standard poodles, Tuulen is the one with stronger retrieving instincts. He likes to carry things around – the other day he did a good part of the morning rounds lugging around a potato. He has a very soft mouth and rarely does any damage, something Aggie was pleased to discover.

DCF Aggie and PigBeing snuffled by a Large Black Hog piglet was even more unnerving. Working in Aggie’s favour was the fact the hog didn’t like how she tasted. One exploratory lick and the pig moved on in search of a tastier breakfast. The lick, however, knocked her over and she suffered a bit of bruising and a mud smear when the hog stomped on her. I had no idea hogs engaged in cow tipping…

DCF Aggie and Turkeys

Even though she had had a rough morning by this point, Aggie insisted on having a front row seat at turkey feeding time. When the Ridley Bronze turkeys surrounded her, their massive beaks pecking away, Aggie got a little panicky. I tried to rescue her, but wasn’t quick enough.

DCFThe photo quality is terrible, I know – but my houseguest was in peril and all I could think about was wrenching her away from the talons of doom…

DCF Spunky AggieI was so impressed when, after I had brushed her off, Aggie insisted on returning to the turkey pen for a other photo. Wow. I know grown men who are very nervous around the turkeys, especially at feeding time when they show little restraint. [They even had to make a Public Service Announcement video

to warn farmers about how dangerous turkeys can be…]

Aggie asked if she could stay close to the house today so she could rest up. Her ribs are sore and she twisted her ankle when she was running away from the barn cat…


One response to “Dog Carries off Cow – and other Aggie Disasters…

  1. Cow Aggie has run the gauntlet! Poor thing. She might need a quick spin in the washer when all is said and done. That story will be a post unto itself.

    Mom raised a flock of turkeys one year. I repeat … one year. I don’t know why she did that. I suppose to sell as Thanksgiving neared. I was too young to figure that out. They were weird creatures.

    A few years ago about 20 of the wild ones came out of the woods and into our back yard during one winter day. Two of them saw their reflections in the patio sliding door. They proceeded to peck at them for several minutes. That was very loud. Later, they wandered off as mysteriously as they arrived.


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