A Cow Arrived in the Mail Today

Well, this should be a fun week!

Aggie the CowAggie the [flat] cow usually hangs out in Tulare, California at the International Agri-Center, a non-profit corporation that promotes California’s agriculture industry and hosts World Ag Expo [wait a second, what is a non-profit corporation? Shouldn’t that be a non-profit organization? Or a corporation? I though non-profit corporation was an oxymoron?]. Anyway, this organization also has an educational component and an AgVentures! Learning Center and this year they are sending [flat] Aggie the Cows out into the world to visit various farms, dairies, and agriculturalists.

Aggie’s visit here at Dark Creek Farm will last a week. I’ll photograph her meeting the animals and helping with the chores and then write up her ag-ventures in a journal, which gets sent back to the International Agri-Center. There, it will join various other journals and photos featuring Aggie on location in other places around the world.

What fun!

Best of the Season to Aggie

Aggie arrived as we were getting ready to put away the Christmas decorations. She told me she would much rather be outside with the rest of the farm animals but I told her she needed a good night’s sleep before she could start exploring the farm. She has travelled a long way to get here and looks quite worn out!



5 responses to “A Cow Arrived in the Mail Today

  1. I look forward to her adventures. 🙂


  2. What a really neat concept! Thanks for sharing the cow adventure ; )


  3. A non-profit corporation: “A nonprofit corporation is any legal entity which has been incorporated under the law of its jurisdiction for purposes other than making profits for its owners or shareholders. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction, a nonprofit corporation may seek official recognition as such, and may be taxed differently from for-profit corporations, and treated differently in other ways.”

    In the US that incorporation would be at the state level. I am not sure how the federal business and tax laws impact that.

    Have fun with Aggie!


  4. Congratulations! This is pretty cool. I like the idea of tying together all of the various farm, ranch, dairy, etc., experiences.


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