NABLOPOMO – How to Make a Hog Waterer from a Garbage Can

New hog watering can in place...

New hog watering can in place…

A quick, nearly wordless Wednesday water update…

Wedged securely between two trees and flanked by 2 X 6’s, so far, it hasn’t moved an inch. The piglets caught on right away and have been happily slurping, but Cora remains unconvinced this is worth her time. I’ve been putting small amounts of water in the blue dish in front to give her the idea this is a good place to be looking for water and, as I say, the piglets are happy to drink from the hog nipple, but it looks like Momma is going to take a little longer to catch on.

Meanwhile, there is still water in her old tub, but I’ll continue to encourage her to check out the lovely CLEAN water, unpolluted by duck butts or hog snouts…

(For more info and photos re. how we built this, check out the post from a few days ago…)

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