Vinegar Who Knew?

Vinegar Who Knew?.

Which vinegar for the job? And what if you’ve run out?

Here’s a useful post over on Town and Country Gardening about what vinegars are best to substitute for other vinegars in those terrible moments when you are part way through some tricky recipe only to discover that bottle of rice vinegar you thought you had squirreled away somewhere is actually cider vinegar. I’m reblogging here partly so I can keep track of the info the next time I’m reaching for the red wine vinegar for salad dressing only to discover a bottle of red wine in my hand instead. Turns out that’s not a problem (unlike having the opposite issue – reaching for a glass of wine and instead taking a glug of red wine vinegar…)

3 responses to “Vinegar Who Knew?

  1. LOL…I do have a separate place to keep oil and vinegar, well away from the wine, so hopefully that will never happen. What a useful post about substituting, thank you. Have you checked out Olive the Senses at the Hudson? Amazing olive oils and balsamic vinegars.


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