True Confessions Tuesday

I can’t quite believe I’m about to thank Martha Stewart for changing my life, but here goes… I was reading the Farmer’s Wife Rambles blog (which has a great subtitle: Keeping busy on 1200 acres) when I came across her post about folding fitted sheets. Well I perked right up because everybody knows there is no way to fold a fitted sheet! Heaven knows I have tried… and my best efforts wind up looking like this:

Pretty typical folding effort back in the old days... like, yesterday.

Pretty typical folding effort back in the old days… like, yesterday.

And then, the awesome moment of discovery that it doesn’t have to be that way! One blog link led to another and the next thing I knew I was watching a Martha Stewart clip! (exclamation point because for anyone who knows me they will know it’s the first Martha clip I’ve ever watched, lifetime).

Never let it be said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! I have been on a folding frenzy!

Maybe I should reconsider my earlier aversion to all things Martha.

Maybe I should reconsider my earlier aversion to all things Martha.

I can now fit a whole stack of fitted sheets into the space formerly taken up by the huge rumpled mess made by one balled up blob! Something like this should not make me so happy… but it does. And, given it’s true confessions Tuesday, I hereby admit that a) I had no idea how to fold a fitted sheet before today and b) it took Martha Stewart to set me straight.

4 responses to “True Confessions Tuesday

  1. Oh my god, that’s hysterical! We’ll have to watch the video too.


    • The video is actually rather entertaining – the poor woman who was brought in as an example of someone about to be transformed into a sheet-folder doesn’t exactly blossom in quite the way I’m sure the producers had planned…


  2. I am the product of a parenting style that included learning and executing hospital corners on a weekly basis. For years. And then I joined the Navy. I have had fitted sheets for a decade or two now, and my secret to success (though I did learn to fold them without Martha’s help) is to not have enough of them to put away. One set on the bed, one set in the laundry. Ha.


  3. I need this! thank you Martha … I mean Nikki 🙂


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