Something to Crow About: Officially Added to the 30 Day Farm Blog Challenge!

Bill the Light Brahma rooster

Photo by D. Craig, BC Min of Ag

I love reading farm blogs. It doesn’t really matter whether the blogs are about large corn operations in the mid-west or tiny farms like mine, what goes on behind the scenes is endlessly fascinating. So, when I stumbled on Holly Spangler’s 30 Day Farm Blog Challenge I thought it was a great idea! I’ve been unofficially playing along since November 1st but just had an email from Holly saying I could join the group in a more official capacity!

So, here we go:

Here is Holly Spangler’s November 1st post that introduces all the other farm bloggers as well as her own first post.

And, here are links to the first three posts in my own 30-Day series which, for lack of a better theme, I’ll just call “30 Days on Dark Creek Farm.” Next year maybe I can get all fancy like some of the other bloggers on the list and come up with a more specific theme for the month.

Day 1: Chicken House Experiments

Day 2: Pickled Beets

Day 3: Do Not Sit Down!

Be sure to check out some of the other farm blogs on the list. I’ve already met some new farmers and learned a thing or two… Happy reading!

2 responses to “Something to Crow About: Officially Added to the 30 Day Farm Blog Challenge!

  1. I look forward to checking the farm blogs out for this 30 day challenge! Have really been enjoying your informative and entertaining blog, particularly having lived on a small farm myself and still missing it. So thanks for that!


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