Food Safety Matters

For my farming and foodie friends south of the 49th… And really, shouldn’t we all be foodies?

Small Pond Farm


We try not to be too politically charged, or preachy about what we believe when it comes to farming practices or life in general.  Everyone should be able to choose for themselves what they consider right.  However, the government is taking one of its most significant moves since 1938 in changing regulations about food safety.  Many measures are welcome, but anytime the government tries to make one thing better, its impact is felt in many ways beyond the intended target.  If you are shopping at farmers markets, local food hubs, or CSA’s on a regular basis, we’re guessing you care about these issues, too.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was passed into law in January of this year.  This new law is the culmination of congressional efforts to give FDA greater authority and guidelines to improve food safety for consumers in the US.  It has many measures that seem…

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