Piglets at the Gate

The girls are sure getting big!! Today we moved the portable electric fencing so they could forage in a new area of the forest and they took turns standing politely just inside the gate and snacking and rooting just as far as they could stretch. Given that pig necks are not that long, that wasn’t very far! I’m sure when they realize what treats await them in their new area they’ll be quite happy to explore every nook and cranny. While they are busy doing that, the area they’ve just vacated has been re-seeded with a nice pasture mix, all ready for the next round of piggy snouts!

One response to “Piglets at the Gate

  1. A few pigs on our farm have been a nice addition. 3 are getting ready to leave in a little over a month. Wilma should be having a litter of piglets this spring and we have a huge pasture that was full of cruddy elm trees (half of them dead) that need the stumps dug up so we are going to hot wire the base of that pasture and turn Wilma & China out and let them go to work! Hopefully it will be ready to seed by fall.


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